Ditching the junker

Eco-Friendly Options You Can Use to Dispose of Your Junk Car

You may want to acquire a new car so as to get better comfort, among other things. When this happens, you usually end up dumping your old car in a garage or driveway probably due to mechanical issues. In such scenarios, the old vehicle becomes a junk car. Below are eco-friendly disposal options. Donate or sale If you can't resell your car, find an alternative way of disposing it. Put it up for sale to yards that deal with junk cars, such as a saab wrecker. Read More 

Auto or Manual: Which Will Cost You More To Repair?

One of the key decisions when buying a car is which transmission type you're after: automatic or manual. It's a decision which rears its head from the very beginning of our driving journeys, with new drivers faced with the daunting task of deciding whether or not they want to learn how to drive manual. While there's no inherently wrong answer to the automatic versus manual debate, there are certainly some pros and cons surrounding each. Read More 

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Ditching the junker

I have been driving a junky old car for the last few years and it worked fine at first. I only paid $400 for it, so I knew it wouldn't last too long, and I'm pretty happy I got it to last as long as it did! It's finally stopped working and won't start up. The local auto service guys have quoted me $3000 to get it fixed. I think it's time to face facts and get the old jalopy wrecked and get a new car. I started this blog to compile information for anybody -- like me -- who wants to know more about the auto wrecking process.

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